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How MMS came to existence

MMS Co. Ltd Tokyo:

MMS (Meikai Marine Services) was originally a part of the Meiji Shipping group in Japan. It was originally Shipping Affairs Division which was later made into a Tokyo-based independent unit to manage their liners technically. Hence MMS was established as a separate company to streamline operations, retaining their more than 50 years of experience in technical ship management, consultation for ship-building, dockyard supervision, sale and purchase inspections and other related services. MMS Japan, established in July 1974, is in the business services of ship management, supervision of construction, remodeling, inspection and related transactions.

MMS Maritime (India) Pvt. Ltd

MMS Maritime (India) Pvt. Ltd was established in 2001 to support the MMS Group in Japan for employing high quality Indian senior personnel and to maintain a dedicated pool of seafarers for tanker operations. It was the second recruiting agency in India to be launched with full Japanese capital.

MMS Maritime (India) Pvt Ltd came into being in October 2001. In November, 2007, it was further renamed as “MMS Maritime India Pvt. Ltd. as it was transformed into a “Technical Support Center” along with being a manning company. The same year, we also opened our office in New Delhi for better penetration and recruit capable seafarers from the northern part of the country and made our reach beyond Mumbai. There were 9 tank vessels and a bare handful of officers when MMSI started its operations. It was those officers who have exhibited their loyalty towards the company over the previous establishment and entirely supported the company in building up its system. These officers have been the backbone of our company and we at MMSI express our heartfelt gratitude to those who have been with the company since then.

We have over 50 years of experience, with over 10 years in shipping industry recruitment and training. We therefore have a clear understanding of the industry and the technological and regulatory environment in which we operate.

As adopters of modern technology, we have also gained invaluable insight into the needs and legitimate concerns of our website visitors and the site has evolved accordingly. We have an overriding commitment to on-line security and the right to confidentiality over personal or privileged/restricted information and this has played a fundamental part in the development and management of this web site.


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