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Life at MMSI

Testaments from MMS officers

Capt. K.P. Unnikrishnan Working with MMSI since 1998 First Vessel - M.T Melodia

Those days Indian senior officers were employed through the erstwhile Eurasia Shipping. Back then MMS had about 8/9 tankers in it’s fleet. The past decade has seen the MMS tanker fleet grow to about 21 or so. I was lucky to be a part of this growing organization.

Chief Engineer - Rajan John Kanicheril Working with MMSI since - 1999

35 years of sea life. Out of which 28 years as Chief Engineer. It was a long journey. Do not know how much to go. Looking back it was a great experience. Started with Cargo ships in the year 1978 and switched over to Tankers in the year 1990.

Capt. Keshav Anand Working with MMSI since - 2000 First Vsl - Mikom Accord

MMSI is the Indian Manning wing of MMS (Tokyo and Singapore) which has also diversified into MMS’s Technical Group.

Master – Capt. Jacob George Working with MMSI since 2002 First Vessel: TM Harmony

When I joined MMSI in 2002, as a Chief Officer, what I was looking was a steady job and a promotion to the rank of Master.I cannot say that, in the initial years I got everything what I wanted, but MMSI did their best to get me, what I was looking for.


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